Audience Choice Awards

Indie Games Expo attendees get a chance to sample some of the latest board games, tabletop games, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more. Some of the best indie games from around the world are shown at the Indie Games Expo every year and attendees may vote on their favorites. Some of the recent Audience Choice Award winners include Star Traders, Double Vision, Dragon And Rider, Guts, Zen Pathz, Double Play, Day of Destruction, Spark, Oathen, and others. Bookmark this page to keep up with the latest audience choice showcases. All trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
Double Vision

Grab 3 or more players and win points by going to bars, answering challenges, performing party tricks, fulfilling new year's resolutions, and talking in character about a Judge's scenario.

Star Traders

Brought to you by creator David Ladyman, Star Traders is a redesign and upgrade of his original game published by Steve Jackson Games. In it you are a heroic starship captain navigating the galaxy's trade lanes in search of fortune and glory.

Zen Pathz

Zen Pathz is a unique fighter/platformer hybrid offering a variety of casual play and competitive tournament modes. Simultaneously control an avatar and brush to alter destructible terrain like never before. Detain, drop, and dispatch opponents while overcoming their same attempts at you. Master the duality to create your own zen path to victory.

Day of Destruction

A brand new virtual reality video game from Synaptix Games. Communications systems in the solar system ahead are disrupted by interference from your armada. They know you are coming! Rise to the challenge and vanquish entire civilizations. Empower yourself with alien technology as you unlock new weapons and more powerful ships. Follow your destiny on the Day of Destruction!


Spark is a creative, combo-based shmup with bullet-hell and puzzle elements. The unique shooting system hooks the player as they discover more ways to create beautiful and deadly combos. The central element of the game is the combination of the various bullets.

Double Play

Select your age appropriate decks, download the Double Play app, and get ready for some fast answering friend against friend trivia (3 or more players). Games are quick and you don't even have to read the rules to play! All decks are waterproof and interchangeable. App includes timer, score keeper, and rules for all Double Play games.